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Lucky Earrings| Freshwater Pearl-Jade-Agate Earrings

Lucky Earrings| Freshwater Pearl-Jade-Agate Earrings

These delicate earrings feature strands of freshwater pearls, African Jade and Agate Natural Stones, are wire wrapped by hand.


The handmade hoops measure 0.5 inches and the earrings dangle about 2.5 inches total.

~Reasons to love Freshwaters Pearls~

✨ Pearl symbolizes wisdom gained through experience. it will help you learn the lessons from every life experience, and it will make you wiser and stronger for it.  Is also known for its powerful calming effects and its ability to balance your aura. it will ground and center you no matter how chaotic your world gets. ✨


~Reasons to love Jade~

✨Jade always brings good luck.

Jade opens you up to prosperity and abundance. Its ancient wisdom can lend an insightful energy to your modern day problems.

Through instilling a sense of peace and purity within the mind, jade guides the spirit until it has a clear vision of who you are truly meant to be.   ✨


~Reasons to love Agate~


✨If your life constantly feels out of balance, with one aspect going well while another spins out of control, use agate to establish stability with its grounding energy. With increased concentration and confidence, agate makes it easier to focus on what is good in your life, so that you can heal from mistakes and bring harmony to everything you do.✨


You get to pick silver plated wire in gold or silver color.

Please keep in mind that natural gemstones may vary slightly in color and shape.

-Cleansed in a Selenite bowl before shipping ✨ Charged under moonlight or the shining sun.

-Crystal jewelry should be kept dry and stored with care. ✨

Every item purchased arrives in a linen fabric bag that will suit your storage needs perfectly or in a lovely gift box with a card detailing the properties of the stone 😘

Thanks for stopping by!


-Each piece is created with great integrity. If you have any questions regarding your purchase, please message me.

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*We at Ka&Co Jewelry believe in the power of intention and harnessing specific energies with the assistance of crystals and gemstones, but we are not able to guarantee that wearing our jewelry will treat, cure or solve any type of problem or health issue.

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